Lookup MSK Server Names

Lookup MSK Server Names

Navigate to the MSK Management Consoleopen in new window and make sure you have selected the desired region in the upper right corner, such as US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1. Then click on your MSK cluster name to see the details.


If you followed the Create MSK Cluster guide or the Create MSK Cluster (Mutual Trust) guide then click on the MSK cluster named aklivity to see the details.

Click View client information in the Cluster summary section to show the Client integration information.

The Bootstrap servers TLS section shows multiple DNS names with ports, such as:

  • b-1.[name].[id].[instance].kafka.[region].amazonaws.com:9094
  • b-2.[name].[id].[instance].kafka.[region].amazonaws.com:9094
  • b-3.[name].[id].[instance].kafka.[region].amazonaws.com:9094

Each of these bootstrap server names are in the format:

  • b-#.[name].[id].[instance].kafka.[region].amazonaws.com:9094

The remainder of the DNS name after b-# is the same for the DNS name of each Kafka server in your MSK cluster, so the wildcard DNS pattern is:

  • *.[name].[id].[instance].kafka.[region].amazonaws.com


Note that the colon and port number are not included in the wildcard DNS pattern.

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