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SSE Kafka Proxy

SSE Kafka Proxy

There is an increasing rise in integrating the event stream into front ends where companies are starting to adopt Server-sent Events (SSE) standards. SSE naturally fits into the event-driven architecture and you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits it provides such as SDK-free and the ability to auto-reconnect in case of an unstable connection(Be resilient to faults). Zilla supports SSE protocol that you can easily configure the frontend SSE with Kafka topic.

A brief explanation of replaceable values from the config examples below:

  • ENDPOINT_PATH: HTTP path for example /tasks
  • KAFKA_TOPIC: The Kafka topic that you want to stream from

Configure Endpoint

Configuring Zilla with SSE endpoint and Kafka binding is as simple as it is shown below:

  type: sse
  kind: server
  exit: sse_kafka_proxy
  type: sse-kafka
  kind: proxy
    - when:
        - path: ENDPOINT_PATH
        topic: KAFKA_TOPIC
          id: '["${base64(key)}","${etag}"]'
      exit: kafka_cache_client

As shown above you can describe your event id in case you want to retrieve the message key or etag.


Similar to REST Proxy you can secure the SSE endpoints as well which allows you to continuously authorize the stream which unlike HTTP request, SSE is a long-lived connection.


For the full capability of SSE configure you can check out Zilla Runtime Configuration Reference: sse Binding, sse-kafka Binding.