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Zilla Manager CLI


Zilla Manager CLI

The Zilla Manager command line interface uses the Zilla Manager Configuration to package the Zilla runtime with minimal dependencies.


zpm help

The zpm help command shows help information about available commands, or more information for a specific command.

zpm help [command]


./zpmw help install

zpm clean

The zpm clean command removes files from its .zpm/ output directory.

Optionally, only the files necessary to execute the Zilla Runtime are kept intact, leaving a minimal installation footprint for deployment.

zpm clean


Default: false

Clean up everything except runtime image


./zpmw clean --keep-image

zpm encrypt

The zpm encrypt command provides a convenient mechanism to encrypt secrets using a securely generated master secret.

When Maven repositories requiring authorization are listed in Zilla Manager Configuration, then the output of this command can be used to provide encrypted credentials in Zilla Manager Settings.

If a master secret does not already exist, it is generated in Zilla Manager Security.

zpm encrypt


./zpmw encrypt

Enter a password to zpmw encrypt via standard input, then the base64-encoded encrypted password is displayed via standard output.

zpm install

The zpm install command resolves the Zilla Manager Configuration to create a runtime with minimal dependencies, generating the zilla runtime executable.

zpm install


Default: false

Link jdk.jdwp.agent module


Exclude the local Maven repository when resolving dependencies


Exclude remote Maven repositories when resolving dependencies


./zpmw install

zpm wrap

The zpm wrap command generates an executable zpmw wrapper script that automatically downloads zpm if necessary before passing the arguments to zpm.

This approach avoids the need to manually install zpm and allows greater control over the version of zpm being used.

zpm wrap

--local-repository <locaRepolDir>

Default: ${user.home}/.m2/repository

Local Maven repository directory

--remote-repository <repoURL>


Remote Maven repository URL

--version <version>

Require zpm wrapper to use <version>


./zpmw wrap --version 0.9.8

Generates an executable zpmw script in the same directory, which can be used in place of zpm to first ensure that zpm version 0.9.8 is automatically downloaded into the .zpmw/ subdirectory if necessary.