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Create an MSK Cluster

Create an MSK Cluster

The following parameters are needed when following these steps to create a new MSK cluster.

Check your selected region

Make sure you have selected the desired region, ex: US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1.

  • Name
  • VPC
  • Subnets

Create a VPC

If you haven't already created a VPC, go to the Create VPCopen in new window page to create a VPC and more for your MSK cluster with the following parameters.

  • Name tag auto-generation: my-msk-cluster
  • IPv4 CIDR block:
  • Number of Availability Zones: 3

Create the MSK Cluster

Start the Create MSK clusteropen in new window wizard.

Step 1: Cluster Settings

  • Creation method: Custom create
  • Cluster name: my-msk-cluster
  • Cluster type: Provisioned
  • Specify your desired settings

For a small evaluation MSK use these settings

Broker: kafka.t3.small
Storage: 10 GiB

Step 2: Networking

  • VPC: my-msk-cluster-vpc
  • For each of the 3 Zones
    • Subnet: my-msk-cluster-subnet-public*

Step 3: Security Settings

  • Access control methods:

    • SASL/SCRAM authentication

    -- or --

    • For mTLS
      • TLS client authentication
      • ACM Private CAs: Mutual Authentication CA

    -- or --

    • Unauthenticated access
  • Encryption

    • Between clients and brokers: TLS Encryption

Step 4: Monitoring and tags

  • Specify your desired settings

Step 5: Review and create

Check to make sure all of the settings are correct and click Create Cluster.