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Create VPC

Create VPC

If you need help creating a VPC follow the Create a VPC plus other VPC resourcesopen in new window guide in the aws docs.

Attach the Internet Gateway

This attaches Internet Gateway my-vpc-igw to VPC my-vpc.

An Internet Gateway must be attached to a VPC before any resources can become reachable from the internet.

When showing the details for your newly created my-vpc-igw Internet Gateway, select the Attach to VPC action from the Actions menu and fill out the Attach to VPC form with the following details:

Available VPCs: my-vpc


You can replace the VPC Name example value with your desired value.

Click Attach internet gateway.

Route to the Internet Gateway

This allows network traffic to be routed between the internet and resources with public IP addresses on Subnets in the VPC.

Although traffic can be routed from the internet to resources in your VPC via an attached Internet Gateway, traffic cannot leave the VPC by default, so the Route Table must be updated.

Navigate to the VPC Management in new window

Check your selected region

Make sure you have selected the desired region, ex: US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1.

Under the Resources by Region section, select the Route Tables resource box to show your Route tables. Click on the Route table associated with the VPC named my-vpc to show the Details page.

Click the Edit Routes button in the Routes tab of the lower section and add a new route after all other routes, with the following details:

Target: Internet Gateway (my-vpc-igw)


You can replace the target Internet Gateway Name example value with your desired value.

Click Save changes.